Micro Cosmic Orbit

A potent tantric circular breath technique to awaken your kundalini energy…

No matter how funky or off my mood is, this breath practice never fails to transform my energy and raise my vibration – A LOT! So much so, it’s become my consistent ‘go to’ when I need to shift my energy. I also now utilise this breath in my regular Kundalini Yoga practices or meditations, when a demanding posture is held for longer periods of time. I find by adding the micro cosmic orbit to my long deep breathing, it reins in my monkey mind to a clear focus and makes the time pass far more quickly. But more importantly, it transforms what could be an agonising yogic pose to an ecstatic one!

Originating from the Ancient Taoist tradition, the Micro Cosmic Orbit was adopted into various other traditions because of its potency. It was first introduced to me through Kundalini Yogi Guru Rattana and then by my meditation teacher Qala, from the Divine University. Both times it was taught as a powerful way to circulate light, boost energy and activate deep healing.

It has incredible benefits, including:

  • Enhanced circulation of kundalini /life force energy around the body
  • Increased physical energy
  • Peace of mind
  • Better organ function
  • Intensifies the bodies healing, regenerative capacity
  • Expands awareness & develops higher consciousness
  • Amplifies sense of oneness & cosmic connection
  • Improves sexual function & enjoyment (intensifies orgasm!)
  • Revitalises the nervous system
  • Uplifts emotions

Ready to try? Here’s how I love to practice it…

  • Sit in any comfortable meditation position, with a straight spine. Keeping your spine straight, relax your whole body, completely let go of any tension. Witness your connection to the earth and sense your roots extending into the heart of Mother Earth. Strengthen your root connection consciously with your breath; deepening each breath to deepen your connection.
  • Start to draw the golden light up from the centre of the earth, from the heart of mother Gaia, up into your perineum (the point between your rectum & sex organs)
  • Press the tip of the tongue on the upper palate, just above the top teeth. Keep the tongue pressed here throughout the practice.
  • Inhale, apply the mul bandh or root lock by gently contracting rectum, sex organs and perineum, (this seals the energy from leaking and redirects it up your spine) & draw the light up your spine & the back of your body, imagining a kundalini serpent rising as you draw the energy up to the crown and like a hooded cobra see the energy arc up & into to your third eye. Release the lock &…
  • Exhale, let the energy overflow like a waterfall down the front of your body, spilling & cascading down through all of your chakras; your brow, throat, thymus & heart, solar plexus & navel, let it fill your sacral with energy & finally down into to your perineum
  • Continue inhaling the energy travels up the back of your body & up the spine & exhaling to let that energy flow down the chakras, flooding each of them like beautiful cascades, filling the pools, your chakras with light and healing energy.

Why not try it for yourself and get your energy moving!