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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is unlike any other form of yoga. While other types focus predominantly on the physical, KY works with the body, mind and emotions.

Known as the yoga of awareness, it’s a therapeutic practice used for strengthening and purifying all the systems of the body, in particular the glandular, digestive and nervous systems.

In kundalini yoga we practice mostly with our eyes closed to take the focus inward. This allows us to connect with our body and mind in a deeper way, which in turn enhances our internal experience.

It combines static and dynamic postures, blended with mantras, mudras, meditation, pranayams and bhandas to awaken dormant energy and make you zing!

Awaken the Infinite Power Within an 8-part Kundalini Yoga video series with Sjha’ra Taylor

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Kundalini yoga, the yoga of awareness, taught by Sjha’ra, is challenging, inspiring, and fulfilling.

Challenging because this well-experienced teacher knows how much further I can strive than I seem to know! To achieve the goal of any challenge is in itself satisfying, and often more readily gained with the guidance of timely encouragement.

Kundalini yoga is inspiring in the true sense of the word, as the mantras, so appropriately chosen by Sjha’ra, combine with the kriyas to bring solace to the spirit, stillness to the mind and strength to the body.

At the end of each two hour session, I tingle…fulfilled and complete, again aware of the very essence of life, and grateful to have been shown the way by a woman I much admire”.

Delvene Cornell, Actress

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I love that Kundalini Yoga has such powerful potential to pierce through the limitations of the mind & challenges us to reach beyond the small personality. It helps us unlock the gift of ourselves & gives us the ability to be graceful in times of turmoil.

When we meet on the mat, we not only share yoga & meditation, we also journey beyond our limitations, to a realm of infinite potential where we can arrive at our Sat Nam – our true essence.

Sjha’ra Taylor