Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao Ceremony is the art and ritual of drinking Ceremonial Cacao.

Cacao ceremony with Sjha’ra Taylor weaves through a cleansing practice, medicine wheel ritual and shamanic meditation.

The magic of cacao combined with these sacred elements drops you into a deeper merging with your heart and soul.

The ceremony also includes a blessing ceremony where we give thanks to the Cacao Spirit or Deva, remembering the ancient ways of our ancestors to honour the Spirit in all things. This gives us an experience of the medicinal properties of ceremonial grade cacao moving through our system, opening our hearts and minds. We are then ready to connect with the focused intention of the ceremony and delve into a deeper mystery.

I am available for private ceremonies. You can book your own personalised journey for you and your partner or group of friends – I will design it to your precise resonance.


Benefits of Cacao Ceremony

Each ceremony offered has its own sacred purpose and its own celestial configuration. The Shamanic practices and journey shared will be specifically chosen to enhance and support this unique intention. Cacao Ceremony can be created to:

  • Go deep within

  • Activate & open your heart

  • Receive wisdom

  • Access inspiration

  • Creative downloads

  • Greater inspiration

Why Cacao?

Cacao (chocolate in its purest form), is a plant medicine – an ancient teacher and facilitator that assists you in journeying into your heart. Cacao was known in many Ancient cultures, especially the Mayans, as a powerful heart opener and potent healer.

Learn more about Cacao.

“The Ancients used cacao with meditation and trance to lift the veil into other realms to bring back wisdom and power. In my experience, this potential is still available to us now. For me and the hundreds of people I work with, Cacao is an incredible facilitator that gently opens a gateway to the greater wisdom in our hearts”. ~ Sjha’ra Taylor

Why Work With Sjha’ra?

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Sjha’ra has dedicated the last 10 years to working directly with the Cacao Deva. She is honoured to be a pioneer for introducing Cacao Ceremony into Australia. Over this time she has formed a deep-rooted connection and rich understanding of working with Ix Cacao, and her journeys are profound and deeply healing. Ceremonies with Sjha’ra support you to connect more consciously with deeper levels of your heart and with wisdom from other realms to empower your own personal growth.

cacao ceremonies 2

“Reintroducing rite of passage rituals and ceremonies are vital to find our way through challenging transition times with peace and grace.” – Jane Hardwicke Collings

Honouring the powerful times of transition with ceremony and ritual helps us make the shift and bring in the change of consciousness required for the next phase of our life journey. It connects us with and honours our cyclical rhythms and nature, allowing us to merge with a greater whole and incorporate this sacred energy within ourselves.

Sjha’ra offers a range of individual ceremonies and private group ceremonies that can be tailored to your unique requirement. She holds a clear, loving space for groups and celebrations of all sizes along with more intimate one-on-one rituals and journeys.

If you are in transition, at a crossroad, grieving, calling in potent celebration, yearning for depth, honouring or acknowledgement – Sjha’ra can bring deep magic and sacred ceremony to you.

  • Hen’s night

  • Blessing Way (Pre Natal)

  • Maiden to Mother (Post Natal)

  • Menarche / Daughter’s Coming of Age

  • Sacred Union / Wedding

  • Menopause / Croning
  • Business Blessing
  • Special Anniversary or Birthday
  • Grief Ceremony (passing over, separation)
  • Space Clearing Rituals 

I am available for private ceremonies. You can book your own personalised journey for you and your partner or group of friends – I will design it to your precise resonance.