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Shamanic Heart Sessions

1:1 Transformative, tailored 2 hr sessions using the magic of Cacao

Online // F2F // Individual // Couples

  • Activate & open your heart portal

  • Harness your energy & full potential

  • Alchemise wounds into gifts

  • Move through your blockages

  • Switch on your inner guidance & wisdom

  • Ignite full support of the universe to manifest your sacred intentions

Your Shamanic Heart Session Includes:

  • A Kundalini Energy Activation specifically chosen to assist your Sacred Intention

  • Shamanic Meditation an inner journey to lift the veils, meet your inner guide, the Cacao Deva & any other guides that come through. Offer up your Sacred Intentions to Spirit to;

        Receive the Guidance and Support
        Activate Powerful Healing
        Gain Tools for Journeying

Thorough follow up support grounds and anchors your transformation; with

a take home copy of your personal Kundalini Energy Activation plus 3 follow up emails.

So what could possibly hold you back from the Embodiment of your Full Potential and Sacred Intention?


Sjhara’s Shamanic Heart Sessions offer…

A deep and magical healing experience that will support you in entering the sacred space of your own heart where you can access clarity, guidance and transformation. This profound session has been carefully crafted to work on all levels of your being, from the physical to the spiritual, and combines Kundalini Yoga, Ceremonial Cacao and shamanic journeying. 

Each session begins with a grounding cleansing ritual, then together we set your sacred intention, you will then be invited to drink a delicious, sense-awakening cup of Sacred Earth Medicine’s Ceremonial Cacao to lift the veils and enter into the realm of infinite possibilities. From here, you will be given a Kundalini Energy Activation, specifically chosen to assist your sacred intention, and will be gently guided on an inner journey to meet the Cacao Deva. Finally, you will offer up your sacred intentions to spirit and allow yourself to receive the guidance and support for your highest good and wellbeing.

Shamanic Heart Sessions can help you free yourself from issues blocking you from living your life to the fullest and assist you to call in whatever your heart desires.

These 2 hour sessions can be done via Zoom or in person. You will receive a take home copy to continue the Kundalini Yoga practice as an optional 40-day meditation to anchor in your intention and support your journey even further.

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Before the session you will be supported to:

  • Drink a beautiful, velvety cup of Sacred Earth Medicine’s Ceremonial Cacao (as a hot chocolate) 10 mins before the session, to open the heart and lift the veils. Cacao is known as a potent heart medicine.
  •  Set your own Personal Sacred Intention that you are ready to work on. It can be any issue (physical, mental, or emotional) or concern that you feel is blocking you from experiencing your vitality and living life to the fullest. Anything you have been struggling with that you would like to shift. This must be emailed at least 24 hours prior to the session.

During the session, we will:

  • Open the space with a short but potent Meditation practice to strengthen your Inner Light
  • Do a powerful Kundalini Yoga Activation specifically chosen to assist your Sacred Intention
  • Go on a guided Shamanic Meditation to connect with the Cacao Deva, to Receive Guidance and all the Support you need to assist you with your Sacred Intention.
  • Powerful healing takes place in the inner realms that ripples out and can transform your everyday.
  • Learn Tools for Connecting to your own Divine Presence, so you can activate this any time you need it!

After the session, you receive:

  • A take home copy of your Kundalini Yoga Activation to continue the practice as a 40 day meditation to support your journey as well as access to any of the mantras used.
  • Follow up support emails. One after the session and an additional 2 emails if you choose to take up the 40 day Kundalini Energy Activation challenge!

To book your session please:

Email your Personal Sacred Intention ASAP to [email protected]

Send it as a simple clear statement so I can align the most supportive yoga & meditation practices for your specific intention. For example: “I now chose to love and accept my body” or “I now let go of self-criticism and judgement”. This is needed a minimum 24hrs prior to session so I have time to select the most potent Kundalini Activation for your specific personal intention.

Email your preference either Zoom or in person, as well as your preferred days and starting times.

I look forward to hearing from you.