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Sjha’ra Taylor: Creator of  Chocolate Yoga & co-founder of Sacred Earth Medicine, is a dynamic and creative International Kundalini Yoga Teacher, ceremonialist, Priestess, workshop facilitator & speaker.

Gifted in the art of ritual, ceremony, and the healing arts, Sjha’ra holds a clear, deep and present space for groups and individuals.

Her work is a fusion of the ancient traditions of yoga and shamanic wisdom.

Sjha’ra has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching for 13 years.

Sjha’ra has dedicated the last decade to working with and sourcing the highest quality cacao, and uses it to add an extra layer of mystery and sacred wisdom to her rituals, classes and sessions. She has lead Chocolate Yoga workshops at international festivals and a wide variety of gatherings for 10 years. She is honoured to be one of the pioneers for introducing Cacao Ceremony into Australia and reawakening the magic of chocolate.

Her powerful ceremonies draw on her shamanic studies with Shamans from all over the world, including Lapland, Guatemala, Peru and Siberia, deepened by the Priestess path and initiations into various Goddess traditions particularly those of her own ancestral roots, the British Isles.

She offers ceremonies, classes, courses, workshops, private groups and retreats. Sjha’ra also offers her signature  Shamanic Heart Sessions, a transformative personal healing session infused with specialised Kundalini Yoga practices, mantras, cacao and shamanic healing all beautifully tailored to your own unique requirements.

Feeling called to journey deeper with Sjha’ra? She is now taking bookings for her exciting new 8 part video series: Awaken the Infinite Power Within.


Chocolate Yoga

Divine Fusion of Cacao Ceremony & Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini Yoga

Ancient Yogic Technology for Modern Self Mastery


Shamanic Heart Sessions

1:1 Journey into the Gateway of your own Heart


Cacao Ceremonies

Bringing Ritual, Magic & Bliss to your Special Occasion


“Let your light be a medicine for the world!”

– Qala Sriama Phoenix

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