About Me

I am a Kundalini Yogini
A Lunar Priestess
and Keeper of the Tantric Lunar Heart.

What that means changes, day by day,
as I walk the sacred path.

Mostly, that means
~ I feel the Kundalini fire within me,
and need to move it through my body
and open and raise my energy
~ I am a cyclic being that honors
the rhythms and dance of the moon,
through ritual and ceremony.

Astrologically speaking, my sunsign is Cancer; with Virgo rising and Moon in Libra. So, I dance with the moon; I am a rising priestess; balancing the masculine and feminine within.

And I’m called by a deep yearning,
a remembering,
to teach these ways
to women and sisters and brothers
to open a gateway
to the Divine Feminine
and a greater form of love,
so we can meet all parts of ourselves
with radical love and forgiveness
and merge our own inner Masculine and Feminine
in Divine and Sacred Union
so we can truly be
Vessels of Love
embodying Heaven on Earth.

Ever since I can remember, I have been creating rituals, ceremonies, and sacred spaces to raise the vibration around me. I was blessed at the age of thirteen to meet a Wise Woman who guided me through the rite of passage of menarche, using ritual and ceremony. This sparked a deep remembrance of honoring the sacred within me.

Growing up in Byron Bay, the yoga capital of Australia, I was lucky to be exposed to yoga at an early age. I remember imitating my mother doing yoga postures when I was five or six. During high school, yoga was a sport elective which I repeated as many terms as I could get away with before they made me do something else.

Once, as a teenager, I stumbled upon a women’s circle ritual in the woods of Suffolk Park. I was supposed to be getting drunk with my friends, but I was utterly captivated and enthralled by this divine gathering. I felt the call of the Goddess, even then.

I learned my body was sacred, a temple. And if it was to be kept sacred, I needed to purify it. Yoga, was a potent way for me to do this. Through yoga, I could put aside the ‘body shame’ society seemed to broadcast and come home to a sense of the Divinity within me. I explored all types of yoga for many years until I finally discovered Kundalini Yoga. I had met my match. I quickly discovered that it nourished ALL parts of me. More than merely a physical practice, it connected me in body, mind and spirit!

There have been many initiations along my path for which I am eternally grateful. A deep descent into Post Natal Depletion and a peeling back of lots of different masks, like the Great Unveiling, have all been paramount to my growth. For every initiation or descent, each of my practices – my Kundalini Yoga, my rituals and ceremonies, my daily connection to nature and surrendering to something greater, my source connection – have been more than beacons of light to guide me through, they have woven themselves into the tapestry of my very core.

Throughout my adult life, I have been called to teach and share whatever pearls I have. I feel truly passionate about this, my divine purpose.

I would love to know how I may serve you on your path to embodying your vitality, your Shakti, your Divine Presence. It would be my honour to meet you, wherever you’re at, and support you in reconnecting to the sacred within.

What Calls You?

Chocolate Yoga

Divine Fusion of Cacao Ceremony & Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

Ancient Yogic Technology for Modern Self Mastery

Shamanic Heart Sessions

1-2-1 Journey into the Gateway of your own Heart

Cacao Ceremonies

Bringing Ritual, Magic & Bliss to your Special Occasion

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Here, I offer a pause, a breath, a moment to reflect, to acknowledge, thank, and honour the key teachers I’ve had over the years. Although I’ve had many more teachers, these are the instrumental ones who’ve guided me through my shadows to ignite my light, and to shape the teachings I now offer:

Qala Sri’ama & the Divine University; Guru Dharam Khalsa & Darryl O’Keeffe (International School of Kundalini Yoga), Yogi Bhajan* & the Kundalini Yoga lineage; Ix Cacao, the Cacao Deva herself, Keith our beloved Chocolate Shaman & Isais honoured Mayan time keeper; Tara Hein-Phillips of the Wise Woman Tradition for the Herbal Apprenticeship and much more, Jocelyn Chaplin for the Goddessing circles and initiation; Altaiskaya Byelka for sharing the wisdom of Siberian Shamanism, Tanya Loydell* for the deep shadow work and support, to my many teachers on the inner planes, including Isis, Mary Magdalene & Jeshua; to my earliest teachers Lyn Woolley for encouraging me to Transform, Amrita Hobbs* for my first Rites of Passage into Womanhood (at 13 years) and kindling my love for ceremony from such a young age, and of course to my mother* for her trail-blazing ways, courage and her faith. Pure gratitude to Shaa’tarm my beloved partner in life & gratitude also to my latest and youngest teacher – my son Marley, for showing me even more new ways to grow and expand my heart!
Wide open heartfelt gratitude and THANK YOU to all!

*These wise teachers may no longer be earthside but hopefully a small part of their wisdom lives on in me.

In Lak’esh
you are in me & I am in you…