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Why All Boys Should Experience a Women’s Circle

And that’s a wrap! Phew! I’m just sitting down after experiencing a profound day hosting a “Mother Circle” for my 7 year old son.

Yes, for my sons 7th birthday (which is officially tomorrow) we just celebrated with a Mother Circle!

Read on if you want to know what we did and why I think this is SO important for all boys to experience.

First of all let me clarify although it was called a Mother’s Circle, some of us are mothers to actual children, and some not, but ALL of us are mother to the world and mother to the children of the world.

In the Kundalini Yoga tradition (also within the Steiner philosophy) we acknowledge that a child’s own aura (energy field) finally completes at age 7. Naturally it makes sense that prior to this they remain close to mother for their sense of safety and security.

So we came together in a small group of women to acknowledge through ceremony this rite of passage to honour he’s no longer a baby, not yet a teenager, but a magic Child of the World!

Transitioning from the ‘nestled with Mama’ phase as his aura now completes and he is turning more towards his Papa and the masculine for guidance on how to be out in the wider world.

So before the supportive men stepped forth as the sacred masculine to take him camping near a sacred boys initiation site, we as women, mothers and midwives of the world, held him first in a circle of the divine feminine.

We blessed him in story and red thread weaving and untangling; we honoured his gifts and we gave him our prayers; we wept and we laughed; we feasted and celebrated!!

Then we sent him forth on his big adventure with all our blessings, so he knows in a very real way, the strong, loving presence of the feminine, so he need never forget it!!

In the handover to the masculine it felt important that this rite of passage ceremony was not about cutting ties with the feminine as some traditions may emphasise, but rather taking and integrating the blessings of the feminine with him as he journeys forth.

To me the cutting of ties with the feminine – symbolic or not, is the very reason we are in this horrible mess of patriarchy. We all have within us masculine and feminine regardless of our gender. I have learnt from many spiritual teachings that true mastery comes as we integrate both. So I do not want my son to believe the lie that to be a “real man” he must disown the feminine, nor do I want him to forget to honor the sacred mother in all. Within and without.

And so he has set forth on his journey. It will be the first time in his lifetime I have not been with him on his actual birthday. And that’s a big stretch for this mama’s heart. So now I weep. Tears mixed with great joy and grief.

Witnessing him in the centre of the circle bravely making and holding eye contact with each woman to receive their acknowledgment of his gifts and their wishes for him, was utterly profound. I was silently sobbing.

 I am completely amazed at the miracle of life that my beloved and I have the privilege of ushering into the world. He is undoubtedly a bright light to behold!

My heart is also deeply grateful to the dear sisters that created this honoring circle with me!

why all boys should experience a women's circle 2