Maiden to Mother Ceremony

Maiden to Mother

So folks I have finally bid farewell to my maidenhood and called in Motherhood & celebrated my liberated Wise Woman Self. A huge heartfelt thank you to my dear soul sisters who were there to guide & hold me through such a deep and profound Rite of Passage Healing Ceremony.

As one friend said, “The true birth canal is vulnerability”. Well I bravely peeled layer upon layer, shedding my old stories of blocks, pain and grief, and each time I thought ok that’s deep enough, let’s pack that all up nicely now, my sisters took me to an even deeper place in my self. No words can describe how grateful I am for the gift of experiencing true raw naked vulnerability like that and being completely seen & heard and divinely held in love. PHEW!

Thank You to the Grandmother crones for initiating me and leading me to the waters of purification, so I could then consciously call in all the gifts of motherhood and embrace the great mother I AM. I feel so altered. Such deep healing. I feel like I have been released from a heavy burden I thought was mine to be carried.

I feel so passionately that this needs to be available for ALL maidens who transition to mother for the first time. And so to all the maidens, the mothers, the maga & the crones that held me in such love in the ceremony, my heart is exploding with love and gratitude; especially to Sophia for helping to facilitate this for me. What an incredible gift!!! You goddesses are divine!!!! Each one of you there held an important puzzle piece in my journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Also sending out gratitude to those who couldn’t make it, but sent loving energy and support. And to the rain for kissing me gently under the moonlight, but not enough to dampen our spirits! A magical night ever to be remembered…