Heart Opening Meditation 1

Heart Opening Meditation

If you sense there may be a lid or lock on your heart, or simply want greater heart opening to experience more love flowing in your life, do this heart opening meditation:


PRONUNCIATION: SAT sounds like “sut”, KAR sounds like “ker”, TAR sounds like “tar”

POSTURE: Sit in easy pose or any comfortable meditation position.

MUDRA Position 1: As you say “SAT”, bring hands to prayer mudra (pressed together at the centre of the chest).

Heart Opening Meditation 2

MUDRA Position 2: As you say “KAR”, extend arms out in front, with hands & fingers pointed straight up.

MUDRA Position 3: As you say “TAAR” open arms out to the sides parallel to the floor, hands up.
Make the transition from step to step a flowing movement, as you chant.

MUSIC: Here are 2 versions on spotify:



TIME: No specified time.

MEANING: “Sat” is the Soul’s Truth or Essence, which resides in the heart. “Kartar” means Doer.

Heart Opening Meditation 3

When combined, it affirms “Doer, Manifestor, or Walker of the Truth.” As the arms sweep open from the heart, we allow the Heart & Soul to radiate out from us. As we repeat this mantra & movement we open, expand, & direct the energetic flow of the Heart.

Ultimately though, when we open to that flow we also create a path for the Universe to Flow back to us in response, where all we need is given to us, then we are not the doer, the Divine is.

What are your experiences after this heart opening practice? Ready to take this next level, by combining with the heart medicine of Cacao?