Yogi Tip #5 Shuni Mudra

Shuni Mudra

There are times in life when our greatest ally is patience.

There’s something you really, really want to happen and you just want it to happen NOW, right!? Or maybe there is too much uncertainty ahead, and you just need to know NOW!

Surrendering to the divine plan and allowing divine timing to unfold is not always easy, especially when we are holding onto attachment, thinking and feeling we know best. “If only it would all happen this* way” (*insert my way ;)! Are we forgetting to honour the courage, commitment and responsibility it takes for plans and ideas to come into fruition? Everything has its own cycle; a life cycle, from birth to death. By trying to force something ahead of its time, we take ourselves out of the natural cycle and out of divine alignment.

While we honour our commitments the ability to be patient, knowing & trusting that all is in divine perfect timing, is a state of grace that we can all use some assistance with!

I’d love to share this simple yogi tip to help us when we need to call in more patience to access this state of grace. It is called Shuni Mudra, the seal of patience. But first…

What is a Mudra & why all the fuss?

Mudras are yogic hand positions & in yogic philosophy the hand is considered to be magical as well as functional!

Hands are regarded as an energy map of health & consciousness, so when we connect to particular parts of the hand, we access their reflexes to certain parts of the body or brain, representing different emotions & behaviours. Our hands can be used like a keyboard for input to our mind/body computer to pass on particular messages. We can use the mudras to consciously awaken different energies & to lock or seal this energy flow, guiding it to the brain. In yogic science each finger on the hand has a different name & a corresponding planetary energy, while the thumb represents the individual persona or ego.

Shuni Mudra

As seen above, is created by pressing the tip of the middle (Saturn) finger and the tip of thumb with just enough pressure to feel the flow of energy, but not enough to whiten the fingertips.

EFFECT: Promotes patience, discernment, and commitment. Helps the practitioner settle into the present moment.

PLANET: Saturn; task master, taking responsibility, and courage to hold to duty.

So when you catch yourself impatiently trying to push or force things in your life that just don’t seem to be flowing, the invitation is to simply sit in meditation, try this mudra and welcome in a new level of patience!